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Zebra-technical was established in 1987, a professional rubber producer, accurate professional skill for project design, develop mold, materials, product manufacture, offer the stable, good products and service for customer. 

There are multiplicity service from mold design till product make, Zebra-technical have the CNC machine and designer to service the clients.

Please feel free to advise us if you have any inquiry and questions, thank you!


Taiwan Taipei 1st factory

  Mold design, research and development, manufacture. Zebra connector invent and produce, anti-dazzling screen, insulation flake, conductivity and heat conduction, thermal materials, silicon materials segment.

Taiwan Taipei 2nd factory

  Keypad and silicon component manufacture

Dongguan 1st factory

  Liquid silicon ejection and TPU products, keypad and silicon component products, thermo-compression and dust-free room for nanometer coating

Dongguan 2nd factory

  LCD zebra connector, softness conductivity connector, anti-dazzling flake, insulation spacer, conductivity and heat conduction, thermal materials, silicon materials segment. LED lights fabricate

Suzhou factory


Keyboard OEM, fabricate and fitting




ZEBRA TECHNICAL headquarter established in Taipei ,Taiwan ,specializing in design and manufacture of silicone rubber keypad and rubber products.


Subsidiary ZEBRA TECHNICAL opened in Taipei,specializing in manufacture of pitch 0.05 type, pitch 0.10 type, pitch 0.18 type ZEBRA connector.All production equipments are made in Japan.


ZEBRA RUBBER change name to ZEBRA TECHNICAL because of the necessary for business.


specializing in manufacture of liquid rubber and rubber products , nanometer spray coating.


ZEBRA TECHNICAL SUZHOU opened, specializing in manufacture of rubber keypad.



Zebra Technical Co., Ltd.
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Address: No.1, Ln. 195, Sec. 2, Chengtai Rd., Wugu Dist., Xinbei City 248, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
E-mail: sales@zebra-technical.com.tw